ICU & Trauma

S.R Memorial Hospital , A friend in need is a friend indeed” and we are like that. We understand the importance of life and we are committed to care patients for any kind of medical emergency, be it a fire accident, road accident, suicide or any other medical & critical care needs, we are always right by your side 24/7 with our life saving treatment facilities, ambulances and ICU beds.


SR Memorial offers a complete continuum of health services. From primary care to emergency and trauma as well as advanced medical specialty care is dedicated to the healthcare needs of families

We are committed to help you in maintaining your physical health and experiencing a vibrant and active livelihood. In order to achieve that, every member of our staff is dedicated to helping you overcome your condition, treating you with compassion, respect, and the professionalism that assures you that you are getting the best in care.

Emergency and After-Hours Services

Emergency services are offered 24-hours a day, 7 days a week at emergency center at SR Memorial emergency care is provided by our highly trained crisis team of doctors, nurses, physician assistant and paramedics.

Whether arriving by private vehicle or ambulance, all patients are assessed by highly trained staff to determine the severity of illness or injury, which is referred to as the triage process.

Facilities Include:
  • 12 bedded advanced ICU with latest equipment.
  • Team of doctors with more than 10 years of experience in critical care and emergency field.
  • Round the clock availability of physician for all type of emergency. Eg Cardiac, respiratory, neurology, snake bite, renal and liver disease and all type of poisoning.
  • Experience and qualified nursing staff to do best patient care
  • Special emergency room with minor operation theatre for day care procedure.

Trauma & Accident

Accidents and injuries are increasing in everyday life by alarming proportions. Road trauma is now designated as a no.1 killer in young patients by WHO.

The SR Memorial Super Speciality Hospital recognized this long ago and today it is a leading tertiary referral trauma centre in the state catering to approx 1000 patients involved in accidents and injuries per year.

The Department Functions 24*7
  • Emergency Medical Services (E.M.S): A multiply injured patient demands swift and comprehensive care.
  • The SR Memorial Super Speciality Hospital EMS department functions as a round the clock team of doctors and surgeons specialized in every area of medical treatment required for such an event.
  • All the team members are specially trained overseas and internationally certified with latest techniques in trauma management.
  • The team includes specialists in Orthopaedic, General surgery, Neuro surgery, Microvascular and Hand surgery, maxillofacial surgery etc.
Some important features of our trauma department are:
  • Complex Trauma And Reconstructive Surgery
  • Intensive Trauma Care Unit:
  • Trauma Rehab: