S.R Memorial Hospital ,The Department of Orthopaedics at SR Memorial is known for its joint replacement, trauma, arthroscopy, and spine surgery related services. Our dedicated team of orthopaedic surgeons are trained from the best medical schools in the country and abroad.

Our latest instruments and technology with state of art modular operation theatre are the backbone of this department. These resources in the hands of our experts are the reason behind the supreme performance of this department. SR Memorial provides evidence-based treatments for the best surgical outcome and patient care. Our mission is to bring our patients back to motion with effective, efficient, and quality.

Scope of Service

  • Home care services
  • Amputation
  • Arthroscopic Surgeries
  • Bunionectomy and hammer toe repair
  • Cartilage repair/Resurfacing procedure
  • Cartilage surgery to knee
  • Fracture care
  • Joint Fusion
  • Arthroplasty or joint replacement
  • Ligament reconstruction
  • Repair of torn ligament and tendons
  • Spine Surgery, including discectomy, foraminotomy, laminectomy and spinal fusion
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Advanced internal fixation
  • Use of bone graft substitute and bone fusing protein

Joint Replacement Surgery

  • Knee : Primary Hiflex & Revision
  • Hip : Primary Surface Replacement, Primary Uncemented Replacement, Primary Cemented Replacement, Primary Bipolar cemented & uncemented, Revision Hip Replacement
  • Shoulder : Primary Standard & Surface
  • Trauma : All conservative & highly advanced internal fixations Locking plate, Standard DCP, IM Inter-locking, Nailing of tibiae, humerii, femora for fresh and old cases
  • Ilizarov Ex.Fixation for trauma and other indications.
  • Spine: Fixations, Instrumentation, Decompression, Disc surgeries
  • Paediatric Orthopaedic Service: CDH, Congenital deformity correction

Facilities :

  • Highly modern & technologically equipped Operation Theatres with CCTV facilities.
  • Excellent Imaging and Diagnostic Facilities
  • Trained and experienced Theatre Staff & Residents